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Our honey is produced from the nectars of blueberries, clovers and other wild flowers. It is lightly strained to maintain the health benefits and flavour unique to pure, natural Nova Scotia honey.

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Honey Products

All Wood’n’Hive Honey is unpasteurized, preserving all of the natural and beneficial properties of the honey.

Wood’n’Hive Honey is available in many forms and is packaged glass jars of various sizes. Squeeze bears and larger bulk pails are also available at our retail shop.

Raw Honey

(when available) is honey that is handled direct from the hive and never reaches a temperature that exceeds 30 degrees Celsius (normal hive temperature). All of the natural properties of the honey are preserved. Raw honey will granulate within a couple of weeks and will have to be heated gently to bring it back to a liquid form.

Liquid Honey

Liquid honey is slightly heated to allow for more efficient extraction and bottling . The gentle heating delays granulation for a few months and ensures ease of handling for the consumer.

Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is a smooth granulated form of honey that is blended with our seed stock and then cooled. The ultra-smooth texture is an excellent choice as a spread or as a special treat right off the spoon.

Cut Comb Honey

Cut Comb Honey is honey direct from the hive, wax and all, claimed by many as the best way to enjoy honey. Cut comb honey is only available in the early fall when it is harvested and packaged.

Bees Wax Products

Made on farm are beeswax candles, beeswax food wraps, lip balms, lotion bars and wood conditioners. The selection is endless so check the retail shop for details


Wood’n’Hive offers tours of the bee yards and the honey house. A small group (3 to 4) can participate in the “Into the Bee Yard” and see the bees up close. Larger groups are welcome to tour the honey house and see the bees up close in the observation hive.

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